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Truth through analysis

Digital evidence is prevalent and complex

Let us analyze, interpret, and present the data for you





Our Services:

  • Case support – assistance obtaining and analyzing records for actives investigation
  • Litigation support – case review, assistance with briefs and hearings, assistance with direct and cross examinations, expert witness services and testimony
  • Peer review
  • Training and education

Our Experience

We have all the bases covered.



The subject matter experts at A.B.M. Forensics are active practitioners in their discipline. They have extensive experience and casework with cellular records and geolocation data both in government and the private sector.

Some of our areas of expertise:

  • Pen Register / Trap and Trace (PRTT)
  • Title III / Intercepts
  • E-911 / Pings
  • Connected Cars
  • Call Detail Records and Timing Advance (TA, TDOA, LocDBor, RTT)
  • Social Media


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